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Lissa McLaughlin
Writer, Editor, Teacher
How Editors See
Lissa McLaughlin When writers need perspective, editors hold out glasses. They turn on the lights. Unlike proofreaders, who scour the page for typos and spelling flaws, pulling us back to the "norm," editors adopt a more flexible focus. They peer close to consider syntax, back off to rethink structure and voice. "Try slang here," they might say. Or, "Why does the action take so long to start?"
An editor is an ideal reader—she sees the story whole.

Custom Line-editing
Workshops and Classes
Personal Coaching

What writer doesn't hope for it? An individual voice.

I help promote the technical and personal risks that make stories distinctive. And novels. Memoirs. Other creative nonfiction. Writing for children.

What makes me unique? My powerful knowledge of audience and technique. My relish for the sheer variety of narratives and writers themselves. I'm published in several genres. And, as a teacher with twenty-five years' experience in undergraduate and graduate writing programs, I'm known for my skillful, patient, and incisive support of students at all skill levels.

My services include:

  • perceptive and generous line-editing, customized to your needs
  • group workshops in writing production
  • brief and multi-session classes on craft themes
  • one-on-one coaching in multiple genres
Let me help you find the story only you can write!

Lissa McLaughlin        Madison, WI