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"Lissa McLaughlin's workshops were such anchors and delights for me. She's a wonderful teacher, one who edits the page with generous care and insight-and in the classroom she is supportive and intuitive with her comments and brings in great readings, ones I use now, as a teacher myself, because what she taught stuck with me."
— Aimee Bender, author of The Girl With the Flammable Skirt (1998)
"Dear Lissa, I was revising some old stories, and there were your edits and then there was you-so much on the page, so much insight. You were such a generous teacher. You always seemed to envision the possibility for a story. I just wanted to tell you that years later, you are still with me."
— Nina Schuyler, author of The Painting (2004)
"Lissa is a natural-born teacher-she seems effortlessly articulate, smart, witty and knowledgeable about all aspects of the writing process...Throughout the discussion, laughter was frequent, and the students seemed effortlessly comfortable with each other and with the critical terms necessary for a sophisticated assessment of the writing. It was exactly the kind of highly literate conversation writers should be having about their work..."
— Ron Wallace, former Director, Undergraduate Program in Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"It almost seems she not so much composes her stories, but like a spirit medium, discovers them from another place. It's kind of shadowy and distracted, almost just being formed as the reader enters them. This is a quality that makes writing enchanted."
— Russell Edson, reviewing Troubled by His Complexion
"The tension between the story that wants to be told and the limit of words creates an almost physical space of loss and worldlessness. Landscape and gesture take on the functions of plot and character to disclose strange drifting correspondences between feeling and meaning--all resonant with her extraordinary cadences. The voice is ironical, austerely beautiful and strong.... To be reread."
— Reality Studios, reviewing Troubled by His Complexion
Lissa McLaughlin        Madison, WI